49,3 m² Área total construida
46 m² 
Área total privada
50,17 m² 
Área total construida
46,8 m² 
Área total privada
56,3 m² 
Área total construida
52,65 m² 
Área total privada
57,17 m² 
Área total construida
53,45 m² 
Área total privada


Piscina de niños y adultos climatizadas e independientes
 Cancha polideportiva
 Gimnasio dotado cubierto
 Salón social
 Zona de mascotas
 Zona de triciclos
 Salón de juegos
 Juegos infantiles al aire libre

4 torres de apartamentos con 10 pisos
Unidad cerrada con portería y vigilancia las 24 horas
Torre independiente de parqueaderos
Cada apartamento tiene su respectivo parqueadero
Senderos cubiertos que conducen al acceso de cada torre
Tipo de construcción: Sistema estructural de muros vaciados
Acabados: Entrega en obra Gris
Altura libre: 2.40m
Estado: En Preventa
Fiducia: Alianza
Gerencia, construye y vende: Constructora Contex S.A.S


Sector Fotibón Vía vereda Cuchillas de San José Rionegro - Antioquia.






Lunes a Domingo de 10:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m.

(+57) 317 642 5600

Colombia - United States


Thank you for your financial contribution; together we can save hundreds of lives

Thank you for your financial contribution, together we can save hundreds of lives

En esta pandemia de COVID-19 hemos cuidado de los que no tienen voz con #AmorConcentrado hemos asegurado la alimentación de más de 13.000 perros y gatos en condición de abandono. 

Animal Voices is committed to its donors and makes available the annual report of each of the actions carried out in the year by the foundation in favor of homeless dogs and cats in Colombia.

Transparency and honesty are the pillars of Animal Voices and our commitment is with those who do not have a voice. Always grateful for the great support of those who have given us their vote of confidence and donation


1. Animal Health.

Animal Voices organizes strategic brigades to assist some of the poorest areas of Colombia.

Starvation, negligence, and mistreatment are some of the day-to-day distresses that dogs and cats experience in Colombia everyday, not counting infections and high-risk diseases leading to slow and painful deaths.

Since our founding, Animal Voices has helped over 2,298 dogs and cats receive professional medical attention. With your donations, Animal Voices can continue our mission.



2. Sterilizations.

Colombia is experiencing an exponential overpopulation of animals in some of the poorest areas, of the country. These unwanted litters are killed in multiple ways to prevent them from becoming a burden to society and if they are to survive they live in inhumane conditions including starvation, pain and death.

Animal Voices provides free sterilization brigades throughout Colombia, focusing mainly on the most remote and poorest areas. Sterilizing is the most humane way to reduce the overpopulation of abandoned animals.

2,047 Dogs and cats have been sterilized through our efforts.

3. Feeding Brigades.

During the brigades, we deliver and feed the starving dogs and cats that live on the streets.

The proper nutrition of dogs and cats in streets is one of the greatest challenges in Colombia; Thousands of animals scavenge garbage, eat rotting food, stones, fish bones, putting their lives at risk because they do not have a guaranteed food source.

We have fed 21,933 dogs and cats thanks to your generous support.

4. Education.

Education is the foundation of our work; it is key to resolving the overpopulation of abandoned animals. We are aware that the problem is the product of human beings not understanding the seriousness of the issue at hand, therefore, education plays a critical role in changing the culture. 

Animal Voices uses social media to educate the public and help solve concerns that arise from living day by day with dogs and cats, so that they can have a harmonious coexistence and thus reduce cases of abandonment.

Television interviews, conversations, and educational presentations for children and adults on animal cruelty and respect for wildlife, are some of our actions to educate society.


Animal Voices is a volunteered based, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 

non-profit organizationEIN: 88-1057829. 

Verify us at 

Altruistic volunteers

Animal Voices is a volunteered based, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 

non-profit organizationEIN: 88-1057829. 

Verify us at


Liliana Sandoval Castrillon is a social communicator, journalist, and audiovisual producer, with more than 20 years of experience working in this field.  Her family always instilled the love for dogs, and they have always been her companions in life.  

She thanks them for their unconditional love and company.  Thanks to the other side of the rainbow to Tobita, Elektra, Ferragamo and Gacelita.  For them, for her babies who are always waiting for at home: Aussie and Killa and for so many little animals that suffer from abandonment. Her dream is for one day to reduce the number of animals on the streets of the country down to zero.  

One hundred percent convinced that the sterilization of dogs and cats is the fastest way to stop so the pain and suffering. 


 ¡We are the voice of those

who have no voice!


Sabina is a psychologist from Universidad El Bosque de Colombia. Before graduating, she ventured into the world of television and today she has worked in the media for 20 years, she has worked in newscasts, magazines, sports programs and broadcasts of special events.  
She is currently a presenter for RTVC Noticias, a newscast from Señal Colombia, as well as a presenter for corporate events, forums and congresses; She is an announcer and her voice is part of videos for multinationals and commercials.

From a very young age, Sabina felt that she had come to this world to 
help, which is why she always found a way to do it, but she never thought that being the voice of those who have no voice would be her mission in life. He had given his love and support to children with cancer, abandoned older adults, homeless people, but never a dog or cat, until he had the opportunity with a group of friends to start helping them, that day he began a new and enriching path, that have allowed her to learn to care for those who need it most, bringing hope to dogs and cats that live abandoned to their fate in the poorest areas of Colombia.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) Approximately 500 million dogs or 70% of the dogs that exist in the world live abandoned and homeless in the streets. This is an alarming statistics, but to make matters worse, the problem is not getting better, this figure is in increasing rapidly. 

This is why we work tirelessly to reduce the overpopulation of animals today abandoned and homeless in the streets of Colombia.

We are volunteers who travel through the most vulnerable areas of Colombia, feeding, providing medical care and sterilizing dogs and cats that live on the streets.

Ray Yepes is a graduate of Sam Houston State University where he holds both a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Ray has over 23 years of experience in the criminal justice field. As a criminal investigations’ expert, Ray has assisted and advised government agencies such as the FBI, the Secret Service, and the CIA in criminal investigations, high profile cases, and national security matters since 1995. Yepes currently serves as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the State of Colorado where he manages and oversees the information security assurance roadmap to ensure information confidentiality, integrity, and availability in compliance with best industry standards, and state and federal laws.

Ray’s passion for animals started at an early age, December 28, 1980, to be exact. He was only 10 years old, when he witnessed a group of teenagers torture a stray dog that was wandering the streets. Ray was infuriated by such actions and alone he fought the teenagers and rescued the dog.

It was love at first sight; Ray named her “Lady”. Realizing that Lady had sustained injuries (from the agony) and needed medical attention, he brought Lady home, however, Lady was not welcomed, and his parents asked him to take Lady back to where he had found her. But Ray couldn’t follow his parents’ request, so he decided to hide Lady in the garage and provide her with the medical care she needed. Ray fed her and took care of her wounds, and immediately there was a bond between them. Ray kept Lady in the garage for the first week while she was recovering. Eventually when Ray’s parents found out that Lady was staying in the garage, they arranged for someone to drive Lady and drop her off at a remote site approximately 5 miles away. Ray was devastated, in such a short period of time; Ray had formed a profound bond with Lady and the bond was undoubtedly mutual. Later that day, somehow Lady managed to find her way back home. Ray’s parents were so shocked that Lady was to find her way back that they allowed him to keep Lady. Not knowing at the time and just a few weeks after rescuing her, Lady had 9 puppies. After birth Lady was spayed and Ray’s job was to find good homes for these puppies. Lady died 8 years later, on Friday October 21, 1988, of old age and Ray knew then he had made a difference in her life and the life of those puppies. His passion for animals was born and continues until this day.


Alone, in the middle of the mountains, Don Alonso rescues dogs from the streets. We help him.


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